do you also want to open men’s clothing store? You are not in the end is a good self – shop, or open to join the chain? Many friends will ask Xiao Bian such a problem. Men’s clothing store and join the independent shop which fly? Today, there are two shops are generally open shop mode, independent shop and join the shop, men’s shop is the same, today on the advantages and disadvantages of these two ways to shop to introduce!

before open men’s clothing store shop, the first point is clear, you are operating independently to men’s clothing retail stores, or stores open men’s brand joint. Men’s clothing store and join the independent shop which fly? No matter what kind of shops, in general, the need to open men’s shop and store size, business type, business methods and competitors have a great relationship.

for small independent business men’s clothing store, shop need to bear all the risk of investment costs. The advantage is that the owner can operate in accordance with their own wishes and business ideas, the efficiency of this shop is relatively high, is conducive to play the owner’s ability to do business.

this shop cost probably include market research costs, expenses, shop location shop decoration costs and purchase costs and management costs. One thing that needs to be mentioned is that the store needs to have sufficient cash flow, to ensure that the gradual, slowly additional investment, the risk to a minimum.

for brand men’s clothing stores, the shop can do some market research and brand survey before joining a brand, after understanding the brand information and the corresponding join policy, can get into contact with the brand, the brand shop in the help. This shop costs probably include the initial fee, deposit, rental shops, shop decoration costs, shop costs, utilities, props store personnel expenses and the first purchase cost etc.. Compared with the independent operation of the men’s clothing store, the cost of such shops will be more clear, conducive to step by step.

if you have some open men’s clothing store experience, you can consider independent shop, so you can save a lot of franchise fee, but it is also more flexible operation. If you are a novice, you had better choose to join the form. Men’s clothing store and join the independent shop which fly? It still depends on your own conditions.


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