traffic accidents are more and more, in order to curb this tragedy, traffic law is more and more strict, lifelong ban is the person who violates the traffic laws of the best punishment. Recently, Shanghai lifelong ban on the list of exposure, let us take a look at it!



4 5 July, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau announced since 2015 involved in a serious road traffic crime, the motor vehicle driving license is revoked according to law, and a lifetime may not regain 36 acts of a motor vehicle driving license. It is understood that these 36 people, there are 6 people due to drunk driving a major traffic accident constitutes a crime, while another 30 were due to traffic accident escape.

two cases will be faced with "life-long driving ban"


the published list, 6 people are arrested for drunk driving traffic crimes, another 30 people are due to traffic accident. Reporters since 2015 to announce the results of the court found in the same list of two cases of open cases, the two accident causing death and escape behavior.

in the Yangpu District people’s court announced a criminal verdict, called "the defendant and the Liu Yongyang" published a lifetime ban on driving the same. In October 31, 2014 5, Liu Yongyang driving brand at the beginning of the "small Anhui MM a bus along the Yangpu District military road lanes from south to North speeding to near Jiayin Road South about 15 meters, in case the victim Gong Moumou driving electric bicycle lanes along the military road from south to North in the same direction.

Liu Yongyang on the right side of the vehicle driving and Gong Moumou driving electric bicycle on the left side collision, the victim Gong Moumou due to accidents caused by head injury, Liu Yongyang drove away. In December 4, 2014, Liu Yongyang surrendered to the public security organs. Yangpu traffic police found that the defendant Liu Yongyang driving motor vehicles speeding and driving after the accident, the main responsibility for the accident. The Gong Moumou driving non motor vehicle is not in accordance with the provisions of the lane, the negative secondary responsibility of the accident. After the court ruling, Liu Yongyang was sentenced to four years in prison for committing traffic offences.

in civil judgment of the people’s Court of Jiading District announced, also a defendant with the same list of Yin Chuantao published "". 23:50 on February 22, 2015 Xu, Yin Chuantao driving brand at the beginning of the "small car along the Su AS" recommended