life, have a lot of worries every day to haunt us, with human wisdom is good way to solve such problems, for example, in hopes of dessert delicacy early, saying that eating sweets can make us forget troubles. So what is the choice of dessert stores better? Editorial recommendation: European style wheat sweet cake European wheat sweet professional baking industry for 20 years for you here, have rich experience, let more people love this brand, so how many joined to join, join the European Wind wheat sweet?

how to join the European Wind sweet cake? Specific process look at the following:

European Wind sweet cake join agent conditions:

1, love baking industry, love European wind sweet.

2, with a strong sense of management.

3, the recognition of the company’s business philosophy, and the headquarters of common values.

4, be thankful, close contact with headquarters.

5, not the status quo, maintain business enthusiasm

6, trust the headquarters of the arrangements and guidance to maintain information exchange.

7, learn to manage employees, team work.

8, set an example, establish a good working attitude.

9, intentions services, retain customers.

10, work with the company, listen to reasonable advice.

11, control the operating costs, the implementation of good business strategy.

12, with a strong sense of crisis management.

European Wind sweet cake join process:

1, for the first time to negotiate

2, fill in the application to join the book

3, store area evaluation

4, signed a contract

5, decoration

6, education and training

7, store practice

8, store decoration acceptance

9, specialist guidance