entrepreneurs like married, beginning with enthusiasm, the middle will encounter a variety of episode, many people choose to give up halfway, many people insist on down, through the bottleneck, into the stable development stage gradually. The only way to start a business: honeymoon period   bottleneck period   stable development period.

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the honeymoon period is over, you will find the psychological fatigue; strategy, the first idea you may have 80% proved to be wrong, also appeared a lot of new problems you did not expect, and sometimes can not be resolved; human resources, you should talk to relatives and friends, also talked about. There may be only one or two, can give you valuable resources, and then find someone, let you feel the new clue; and the market, you have no way to use the "new" to Bo eye, let the mass market acceptance, also need time.

At the same time

How to get

the bottleneck of course experience is painful, but unfortunately it is unable to avoid, each case has a variety of different conditions. It’s just a little experience. Psychologically, "Keep  Calm  and  Carry  on", be prepared to focus on your career. At the same time, be careful when you start a business