college students entrepreneurship can be said now is attracted the attention of the whole society at the same time, some colleges and universities around it in a positive response to the policy of our nation, has injected new vitality into the development of the entire lot or entrepreneurship, promote entrepreneurship.

"the province of science and education" in Hubei has a good tradition of entrepreneurship. Here was the birth of the country’s first business incubator, the natural advantages of science and technology and a strong industrial foundation for entrepreneurs to provide fertile soil. Only Wuhan, East Lake hi tech Zone, gathered more than 20 thousand companies last year, the new registration of science and technology enterprises 4293, an average of every working day was born in 22.

"Regulations" stipulates that the demonstration area in innovation activities, failed to achieve the expected effect, but with the development and implementation of innovative programs do not violate the provisions of laws and regulations, the relevant personnel to fulfill the obligation of due diligence, not illegal for personal gain, not malicious collusion harm the public interests and the legitimate interests of others and other circumstances, exempt from accountability related personnel.

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