electricity supplier is now very rapid development, competition in the industry can be imagined, how to win the consumer, requires some skills. Tmall in 2013 double eleven, 35 minutes bestseller fashion sales break million, reporters at the scene who is at a loss about what to do, since?

bestseller their mood complex. Such as group vice president Lin Qiao said: do is bestseller fashion, indeed with digital proved their ability to control the epidemic, the face of the Internet has been called "traditional industries".

the online with huge fans of the brand clothing manufacturers, stores in the practice of offline and online e-commerce with the war in the past 3 months. In January 4th, bestseller Clothing Group Vice President Lin Qiao in Tencent micro shopping activities and media for the exchange of experiences, while talking through the WeChat shopping micro enterprise marketing platform of WeChat public platform based on O2O, but on how to break through the thinking and practice of the mode of thinking, the sustainable growth of the existing, it is worth reading.