bakery can be seen everywhere, all kinds of bakery brand everywhere, if you want to open a bakery, how to operate in order to make their business booming? Xiao Bian on this issue for us to do a detailed introduction.

(1) site selection. There is no doubt that the bakery is facing the masses of consumers, should be located in residential areas, entertainment, etc.. How to manage the bakery? But the bakery is too much concentration, not shop, so as not to cause excessive competition over the situation. With the expansion of new housing projects, many new commercial areas, residential areas are being formed, the first occupation of these sites, there must be a big business to do.

(2) bread varieties to be complete, taste to be diverse. Other bread to break the original box, circular pattern, renovation and innovation; in filling, can also be a bold attempt, in addition to retaining the traditional sweet (such as cream series), salt (sausage and bacon Series), but also a variety of fruits, jam for fillings, also named bread can also be some novelty.

(3) how to manage a bakery? Bread should be displayed in a clean and transparent glass counter, how to manage the bakery? And lighting settings on the counter, the bread looks yellow, greatly attract passers-by.

(4) should take the bread of freshly baked and sold the way, pay attention to color, flavor and taste, fresh bread quality, to allow customers to buy the rest assured, comfortable watching.

(5) bread pricing may be appropriate opened a little distance, such as a Orange Juice two, Coconut Juice $1.30, may cost less, but easy to remind customers to buy this do not forget to buy their desire.

(6) how to manage a bakery? Bakery in the introduction of new varieties, can be equipped with free tasting points, to promote the product.

(7) store to be bright and clean, the decoration of the manufacturing sector pay attention to prevent the smoke into trafficking, trays, baskets, clamps and other utensils placed bread should be clean and tidy, the best salesman wear clean, spotless clothes.

Some of the above

is about how to operate the bread franchise, we believe that through the above have a certain understanding, want to run a bakery, you need to inspect the investigation in detail, so that we can grasp the shop features, in order to better bakery.