haze is very serious in Beijing, every year to the autumn and winter season, people’s lives have brought great distress. Now people have realized the importance of environmental governance, and therefore attach great importance to green projects. Beijing actively build wind channel, hoping to disperse the haze, but also the people of Beijing a blue sky.


section of Changping Wenyu River from Forest Park to the Olympic air channel, sent about 20 km long will be the year through. In August 3rd, the reporter learned from the Changping District, Olson north extension greening project this year has entered a crucial stage, through the illegal green way, Changping District will open the Beijing north wind corridor on the "obstruction", to the city sent a gentle breeze.

"this year, Changping District plain afforestation task 3500 acres, including 2500 acres arranged in the North Green wedge range." Changping District vice mayor Li Zhijie introduction. North Green wedge is one of Beijing city planning of the nine green wedge. This green straight south north ring, North stretches the mountains at the foot of Yanshan, connected with the Yang Shan National Forest Park, North and south is 40 kilometers apart, North South width is narrow, Beijing North important ventilation corridor. The green wedge is mainly involved in Changping District, East Forest Park north is North Green wedge in the planning of the Olympic Forest Park, north extension line area.

Olson northern extension of the maximum resistance, is that there is not enough green space. In recent years, the city to speed up the process of the extension of the north region many places densely covered with houses, including industrial district, industrial compound, shantytowns, various illegal construction etc.. Reinforced concrete jungle of crowding out planting space, exacerbated by urban heat island effect, also let the city blocked.

this year’s tree planting forest land, many are removed." Li Zhijie, Orson north extension greening project involving the Changping District four Street Town, Huoying, Beiqijia, are small and Shahe. This year a total of four Town structures of 1 million 520 thousand square meters, has completed 78%. The vast majority of afforestation for land leases. The new forest in coniferous forest, trees are expected to account for more than 90%.

at present, the land consolidation work has been demolished plots. 2500 acres of new afforestation project is expected to start construction in September of this year, fully completed before the end of October. Then, from Orson to Wenyuhe Changping, straight-line distance of about 20 kilometers of the green corridor to link. This corridor one end connected to the city center, one end connected to the outskirts of the city, on the one hand can promote the exchange and circulation of air inside and outside the city, heat island; on the other hand, but also to strengthen the city inside and outside of the natural link, improving the overall ecological environment.

crossed the Wenyu River, the green corridor in the future will be along the eastern Shahe has been extended to the Ming Dynasty Tombs reservoir, Beijing north area become important ecological green belt.