under the call of the central government, colleges and universities are to reform its education system, strengthen the infrastructure for entrepreneurship and innovation education, the establishment of new incubator service platform, to provide more comprehensive and more characteristics of the times of the support of students.

1 4 afternoon, the vice president of Handan College Zhao Xinsheng, Chai Hing Chuen, under the leadership of the two colleges (Handan College, center), the Organization Department, science department (Committee), teaching and research, teaching a line of more than 50 people leading quality control center and other departments, for a tour to Congtai District Handan Venture Street, students Pioneering Park, cultural creative park, science and technology incubator, Hebei network operators Park "four Park Street". Congtai district leaders accompanied the inspection, the person in charge of a street four Park "project carried out the whole explanation.



The establishment of

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