is now a lot of entrepreneurs, there are a lot of people are eating a lot of pain, with others dare not have some entrepreneurial dreams, in the end, with their persistence and efforts have been successful, but also worthy of our admiration.

concrete site: first entrepreneurial awareness

heard site and fellow wife riding a tricycle with run the site, selling inferior cigarettes and snacks, a year all your children to the city school. I figured under all the costs are out, the villagers gathered in the vicinity opened a small supermarket. The same day from early to late, about the rent, purchase, delivery, inventory, accounts, and various acquaintances in charge, so busy for a while, his first venture store, finally to closed end.

that innate paranoia, let the heart back to the site I held to yigujin. After a dormant lesson, his second venture chose the dining area. At that time saw the start of the Tianjin hot up the spicy hot pot shop in front of the guests are in the queue, Zhang Yufeng did not hesitate to say their work, money, a spicy hot pot shop. Open a small supermarket in front of the experience so that he did not venture a lot of detours.