since the choice of entrepreneurship, everyone has an ultimate goal: to make money! In recent years, the new concept will emerge some new terms, each year, perhaps there are many web sites to the risk of investment by the concept of flicker, but more follow the new concept of entrepreneurs has embarked on a road of no return.

when fudge to the investment risk when the money burned, and when the number of followers of entrepreneurial failure, some entrepreneurs have found that all concepts are empty! Today, we discuss the concept and entrepreneurship issues, here to share a few very simple questions and answers, as entrepreneurs, you may be inspired:

1, entrepreneurship needs no concept? Answer: Entrepreneurship needs concept.

2, why do you need the concept of entrepreneurship? Most people may not be able to say so, in fact, the answer is very simple: the concept is to do marketing services, new concepts can help you to do marketing with a lower cost!

3, the new concept is to marketing, marketing is for what? The problem is also very simple: marketing is to sell your products or services.

4, selling products and services for what? Simpler: make money!

5, how to make money?

General in three ways:

1, investment: let your money help you make money!

2, selling products: your product is sold above the cost price, on the money.

3, selling services: to provide valuable services to your customers, and then get the appropriate remuneration.