industry has now been fierce competition in all walks of life, if you want to make their own shops can attract more customers, it is necessary to take certain action". In short, the increasingly fierce market competition, new stores have opened, large supermarkets have an impact on our retail store, then the face of such fierce competition, we are quietly waiting to be left behind, or take the initiative to actively build the supermarket characteristics, and thus win more customers? In order to explore this issue, we invited several retail guests today, we sit together to explore this issue.

retailer Deng Xiaofeng

in the face of competition, I would like to attract more customers, customers and more business is booming. Now everyone is playing with the phone, taking into account this problem, so I bought a very strong signal WIFI in the supermarket, free of charge for nearby people to use. I found a lot of people love in the supermarket near the shade rub network, see everyone in use, I am very happy, because this is my way to attract customers, although they are not into the supermarket, but before my door can also increase the popularity.

a lot of shops are set WIFI password, so that others can not be used casually, and my signal is particularly strong, and no password, we can use. Ever since I found this device, especially at night, there will be a lot of people out of the shade, all the cool side look at the mobile phone, so my role and value reflected. Gradually, I found that the customer was more than before, some customers playing mobile phone, suddenly thirsty, and then into the supermarket to buy water, some customers looking at mobile phone, suddenly there was no smoke, so we buy to my supermarket.

I honest to win the trust and praise of customers, customers say I am generous, not to stick at trifles. In fact, this is a strategy that I just say, this cost me how are those, without affecting their premise, provide some service for the customer, then you can make the hearts of customers, can win customer support. So, I use this method to attract customers. With this initiative, our income has increased a lot. Despite fierce competition, but I’m not afraid, because I have a killer.

retailer Qu Guodong

update supermarket development ideas, and strive to innovation, this is my business philosophy. Over the years, I attracted a large number of customers, but gradually found that some customers had fatigued to our supermarket, they do not want to buy here, we feel the soil here, no one new. Although I do a good service, but the idea of some outdated. Later, I went out for some time.

really do not go out do not know ah, a