there will be a weak season in each industry, the home industry is also true, although in recent years the home industry has been in a stage of rapid development, but it is not easy to want to make money. Recently, there is a brand stores Home Furnishing friends complain to me, now business is very short, in July half a month are not billing, hungry heart trouble, don’t know what to do, to the community publicity publicity, but is not what good effect! This is a typical home to join the industry reflects the light season. Do Home Furnishing franchise dealers should be keenly aware of: 6, 7, 8 of these Danyue is very tough, is a painful period of operation. In fact, any industry has off-season pain period, how are we going to shorten the period of pain is what we need to do, instead of sitting, there should be no more complaints, especially in the business world.