shop operators, there will be a natural season off-season. Want to really open a good shop, we need to work in the light of the season can be done in place, should pay attention to the matters to be noted. So, ice cream store season need to pay attention to what? Let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

prepare article

ice cream shop first to ensure the power supply. Hot summer, refrigerator, air conditioning, electric fans and other electrical power overload, causing power outages often happen, for an ice cream shop management, preventive measures should be. The best conditions can be equipped with a fuel generator or emergency power transfer to the supplier cold storage refrigeration. Not as soon as possible negotiations with the supplier, in the event of a power failure to put the ice cream, ice cream melted to change as soon as possible.

display article

ice cream stores can put ice cream packaging specifications, each made of specimens are fixed in the freezer lid and indicate the price and number, according to the preset number of storage, be arranged, sales division.

power saving articles

to freezer power, lazy is not allowed to do, from time to time to defrost. The ice cream store freezer should be left around the freezer storage space for heat dissipation, the ice cream is not easy too much, the occupancy rate of 80/100 was the best, with the gaps frequently ship replenishment, try not to fill too, to facilitate cold air convection. Put freezer is absolutely important, must be placed in dry and ventilated, no heat source, around the sun to the place.

, of course, a lot of shops operating time is often more than these precautions, Xiaobian here introduction three nature also need managers to do in place, so that it can guarantee the business success. So, if you open an ice cream store, do you know what you are paying attention to during the peak season?