in the course of business people, ready to invest in a Home Furnishing jewelry store, a good location for people is a crucial factor, mastering the location techniques, then shop will become smooth.

building materials market

in this area shop, basic can prove to be wrong, many of my friends have a profound experience. Customers in the decoration of the place and go to the place after the decoration is very different, if this is not the store get together or building materials market is located in the center of the city, the possibility of losing money is very large.

this location is disputed, it seems to me that either will do very well, or worse. Very good to very strong strength, so in this rent is not a very high place to rent a big stores, furniture, cloth, bedding, furniture together, create the overall decoration concept, the formation of several styles, such as European style garden. Customers will spend a lot of money to buy a complete set of new premises. If only to open a small shop, there is no other store get together, business is also a matter of course.

has been not optimistic about this kind of location, because at present home accessories also belong to a niche consumer recommended