With the continuous development of modern agriculture, the government’s support for agriculture has been increasing, the development of rural areas is getting faster and faster, and the rural market is also expanding day by day.

! What are the new ways to get rich in the countryside? May wish to take a look at the characteristics of leisure farms!

A, characteristics of leisure farm entrepreneurs to join the plan: in the outskirts of the town of city farming by planting new venison delicacies, feces of fruits and vegetables (zero capital), then at least, Mongolia house, bamboo package (less investment), the growth of Tea Museum, venison etc.. The characteristics of leisure farms join fancy feast, feast, wild boar, pheasant hare feast, feast and wild geese do not apply pesticide, fertilizer model of fruits and vegetables, not only can make the tourists eat delicious, nourishing the venison and other green food, also can let visitors to join the hunt, barbecue, processing of rare specimens, wild boar, pheasant watch bucket bucket. Wild boar, hare, thrilling, highly stimulative program can attract large numbers of tourists.

two, the characteristics of leisure farm to benefit analysis: the characteristics of leisure farm to join only the first investment project can bring out the other farming project, little investment, but hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

1, hunting: This is the most stimulating and attractive projects, to stimulate people to conquer the natural instinct, ordinary people need continuous hunting 10-20 only allowed each, calculated according to 3, at least a day according to

2, reception 10 people, each game of 45 yuan (including service fees), annual income of several hundred thousand dollars. Investment is only in a piece of wasteland with the net cover, inserted into the pheasant, hare, partridge and other animal.

: venison and green food franchise delicacies and pollution-free vegetables, fruits, charges and cheap, every day at least 6 reception tables, each table by 290 yuan, a year income of hundreds of thousands.

3, retail, daily venison specimens, fruits and vegetables by 550 yuan, an annual income of hundreds of thousands.

the above revenue totaled about one million yuan, because the majority of products produced, more than 60% of the profits, according to 40% of the total, substantial profits. This does not include: golden week, weekends, new year’s day, Spring Festival and other visitors of fastigium of income. Revenue from tickets and various competing events. Characteristics of leisure farms to join the start-up capital of only a few million, you can earn a few hundred dollars a year to do the lord.

three, the characteristics of leisure farms join 4 advantages:

1, the market competition, small: at present people make money still stay in business, and set up factories, pay little attention to agriculture, small competition. The greater the economic and social development, the greater the market. Some of the suburban farmhouse built in recent years, only few huts, no feature, business is booming.

2, the investment side input side and output, elastic, half effective, hundred years benefit.

3, stable investment, low capital: to start farming cultivation, and then grow the food and beverage industry, leisure industry, while the cultivation, catering and provide feed for aquaculture, not only less investment, the