315 is the day most of the worst fear of businesses, but also consumer rights day. As promised, 315 this year and there are a lot of bad business exposure, a factory was traced to scrap manufacturing dentures, the harmful elements are very high, with serious harm to human health.

3 on the evening of 15 August, CCTV exposure of 15 party 3· Kitaguchi porcelain denture, loyalty and other manufacturers, in the production and processing of denture used in the process of scrap steel, scrap steel, scrap metal and even add, these bad market price only 1/7 regular denture denture. Experts said that these broken steel is recycled material, or is the industrial raw materials, often repeated recycling, the concentration of harmful elements is getting higher and higher, the harm to the human body.

reporters candidate entered the North denture Technology Research Co. Ltd., which is a denture processing services for a number of medical institutions of professional enterprises. The company has a legitimate medical device production qualification.

according to the procedure according to the North denture hospital sent orders for the production of denture. The hospital will be marked on the orders of the materials required for dentures: cobalt chromium, titanium, and so on. In the foundry workshop floor, mold made of piled up around the stent perfusion hospital sent to patients with dental casts.



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