opened the pet shop, everyone will encounter all sorts of problems, such as the place where the error occurred, there is a problem, these are relatively common, so invest in the pet shop, the general will encounter what challenges? Xiao Bian for us to do the introduction.

first, let more customers know stores. What are the challenges of opening a pet store? Is not afraid of deep alley traditional store promotions including the form of TV media, newspaper ads, radio, POP, DM leaflets, the influence of the new media, network marketing, marketing promotion, micro-blog WeChat have become a new subject of publicity. The pet shop to let their voices be heard more people light, a loud voice has apparently not enough, the integration of online and offline resources, target customers accurate communication, is a prerequisite for successful promotion.

two, so that more customers into the store. One can’t make bricks without straw flow is a prerequisite for successful business pet store that owns a pet shop and what are the challenges? There is no chance of development without people. How to attract customers into the store has become another important consideration in the planning of promotional activities. Need to do a good job outside the atmosphere to create, and want to attract customers into the store, to improve the pet store customers.

three, so that everyone into the store to buy. What are the challenges of opening a pet store? The biggest different fishing nets and single pole fishing, is fishing net regardless of fish fish is always. In the future, to send smoke free upgrade to such activities, buy buy send smoke, when you launch activities has a certain appeal, owns a pet shop and what are the challenges? Can always stimulate those who do not want to buy a single customer, such activities not only have a certain randomness, but also to stimulate the desire to buy customers.

four, so that more customers into the store to buy more. The customer had only planned to buy a product, can you think of ways to make customers buy more? For many industries, pet shop what are the challenges? This is not hard to do. When the customer to buy a product, you can recommend to him the product accessories, in this way to allow customers to buy more.

five, so that customers do not stay longer. Some customers are not your target customers at all. What are the challenges of opening a pet store? Whatever you do, or he thinks your price is expensive or do not want to buy, or he did not look at your product, but since the customer into the store, pet shop opened what challenges? We have to find ways to allow customers to stay in the store for a period of time, or recommend customers to experience the experience of the region, so that customers become our potential customers or target customers.

six, so that customers have been bought to buy again. When customers buy products, it just means that the relationship between you and the customer has just begun, what are the challenges of opening pet stores? We >