in recent years, management work is the priority among priorities, many entrepreneurs or entrepreneurial companies benefit from. Now it can be said that the "double" is blossom, the international community praised China entrepreneurs ushered in the golden age". So, your entrepreneurial dream action?

Adults Chinese

", 13% to 24% people or in the preparation of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship or early entrepreneurs within 42 months." 2015 global venture capital growth of 45% to reach $135 billion 800 million. Among them, a total of 1555 venture capital investment in China to participate in investment transactions, trading volume reached a record $37 billion, ranking the world’s second, an increase of up to 14%." This series of data from foreign research institutions, it is easy to see that China’s entrepreneurial situation is very active, entrepreneurial innovation enthusiasm.

Prediction of

and ordinary people is becoming an entrepreneurial innovation boom beneficiaries. A number of foreign media agreed that China’s start-ups have created a large number of jobs, stable employment situation, especially for the production capacity of workers to provide space for placement. As the The Associated Press said, entrepreneurship is the effective measure to solve the employment problem, is the way "to let more people get rich, more and more people realize the value of life".

in addition to promoting people’s prosperity, a new round of "double wave" or Chinese boost economic transformation and upgrading of major engine to accelerate new energy led to economic growth. German director Shi Tao Fen consulting member Martin Haas? Believe despite continued economic cooling, but Chinese was clearly in the overtaking lane, "because China is the development of innovative factory".

Singapore "Singapore United Morning Post" is also full of confidence to China economic future, pointed out that "double" can lead to higher productivity, is China economic restructuring and out of an important guarantee for the Middle Income Trap "," if successful, will be able to maintain the healthy development of 20 years".

as a central force in Entrepreneurship and innovation, Chinese enterprise produce a beautiful transcript. A number of authoritative research institutions published report shows that China’s corporate innovation and investment capacity significantly increased, in some areas of R & D spending even