underwear market has been very broad in the future, especially the brand underwear market is growing. The whole network (http://s.www.shang360.com) brand investment adviser clothing trend as brand underwear to join need reasonable domestic brand underwear, also need to know the domestic brand underwear market position. The analysis of the current brand underwear market analysis of three points:
the first point: brand extension, brand launched deputy

second points: to change channels, the whole category of underwear Museum has become the mainstream.
underwear to change channels, many enterprises have or are doing now. The traditional mode of operation, because a single brand category, which is reflected in the terminal is the form of a combination store. The combination shop can not highlight the brand image, many shops are hanging in front of the brand is sold inside the door, three lines of products. Therefore, many companies are trying to launch the "chain" or the whole category underwear pavilion.

third points: competition, boutique underwear into the reshuffle