what kind of staff do you need to hire a beauty salon? If you want to figure out this problem, in fact, is to understand the needs of the staff. This has something to do with the size of your store. If it is a common brand chain, then the number of personnel required? Xiao Bian provides some information reference, I hope useful to you.


1) obey the owner’s leadership, directly responsible for the owner;

2) to develop the management system, and organize the implementation, to be fair, fair, open, fine;

3) to develop the work plan, and supervise the implementation of staff, and strengthen supervision;

1) obey the manager of leadership, arrangement, coordination and supervision under the general work;

2) connected with the car, the reception staff together to visit customer condition, and the necessary beauty items provide guidance to clients;

3) in strict accordance with the store car beauty construction project operation steps of construction operation;

1) to the manager and the technician of the leadership, obey the technician arrangement, assist technicians work;

2) efforts to learn and master automotive beauty care skills and operational norms, and constantly improve the level of operation;

3) in the operation of the strict implementation of the operating standards to ensure the quality of work, improve work efficiency;

1) obey the manager leadership, connecting the car to assist the technician to see customer condition;

2) reception of the owners, so that the service warm and thoughtful;

3) has a plan to persuade customers to increase the operation of the project and buy Beauty products.

1) obey the manager leadership, earnestly implement the financial system and regulation;

2) according to the standard fees, in order to attract customers, in the scope of authority granted by the manager, take appropriate discount and preferential measures;

3) calculate employee wages, and timely payment;