"Internet plus" business model continued in 2016, Internet entrepreneurs must fully understand the "Internet plus" entrepreneurial knowledge, therefore, "Internet plus" Sanya citizen change ", is not to be missed, a look!

"Internet plus" is what? In the new form of development, how to seize the "Internet plus" heights?" The morning of March 12th, a thinking about the Internet culture, "" Internet plus "Sanya citizen change" in the city library two floor lecture hall, invited lectures "Internet plus" alliance, Jilin province think-tank Secretary General Liu Shuming speaker, nearly 300 citizens and entrepreneurs attended to listen, not only broaden their horizons, but also enrich the understanding of the Internet world.

the lecture starts, Liu Shuming at the scene to guide the audience face to face constructive interaction, let everyone to experience the convenience of the internet. It is understood that the "Internet plus" refers to the Internet as the maternal production of the most basic elements, and other factors of production innovation industry grafting extension, 2 under the deconstruction of the new form, new formats, the Internet is the evolution of knowledge innovation driven society 2.

"Internet plus" as the biggest highlight of the new form of economic development, is not only the upgrading of traditional industries, but also on the lives of ordinary people has also undergone a great change, greatly changed people’s way of life, patterns of production and consumption, but also affects the entrepreneurial mode under the new situation."



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