through the investigation of the convenience store, the products can be divided into four categories: food, groceries, convenience goods and cultural publications.

      first, food

      many methods of food commodities such as simple division can be subdivided, for food and drinking; can also be in accordance with the preservation methods, divided into low temperature food, food and general food; or divided in detail for agricultural products, meat and meat products, milk and dairy products. Aquatic products, canned food, beverage, wine, spices, candy, biscuits, health food and other food.

      with the development of the convenience store industry, food commodities in the frozen goods (Tibet) with its characteristics of convenience, nutrition, health, convenience store has become the essential and main products. With the development of food industry and raise the level of consumption of such goods, more and more manufacturers and consumers praise love, understand the frozen (Tibet) features of the goods is the convenience store in the management of an important topic.

      1, general characteristics

      (1) health and safety, good quality: frozen food is generally stored in a frozen (hidden) cabinet, good preservation conditions. Customers will be able to eat within an effective safety period and receive good hygiene and quality assurance.

      (2) the price is stable: in the current scientific conditions, some agricultural products through better storage and processing, so that consumers can not subject to time and geographical constraints, buy all kinds of seasonal food cheaply. For example, in the winter to eat fruit in the summer, in the country to buy imported food.

      (3) edible convenience: frozen (Tibetan) food generally have the characteristics of convenient food. Consumers only need a simple cooking or direct consumption.

      2, freshness management

      due to the particularity of frozen (stored) food, chilled food freshness management is a must consider and very important problem in the convenience store management.

      we should first understand the factors that affect the freshness of low temperature products, we should pay attention to:

      ensure the freshness of food raw materials before processing.

      to ensure the sanitary conditions of the manufacturing site.