in recent years, the serious air pollution in our life, the social environment has caused severe damage to our body, also caused a lot of people is not so, protect the environment, everyone is duty. The straw Jinshao, the key is to find the way out of straw. According to the province’s air pollution control battle straw Jinshao special programs, will implement the "Yijiangdaibu" fiscal policy, the use of advanced technology to promote the comprehensive promotion, straw, straw fertilizer, straw feed, straw fuel and industrial raw materials, straw straw mushroom base material, straw biogas power generation and industrial development.

monitoring more detailed: monitoring by high-tech means

I have to communicate, cohesion and relevant scientific research departments, make up the hours of the day and night time satellite monitoring, take the "blue sky" guardian, drones and other high-tech means, and resolutely put an end to the night burning behavior.


4 heavy penalties more severe punishment

first heavy: fine object: burning straw

The new provisions of

atmospheric pollution prevention act, in the densely populated areas of trees and flowers with highly toxic, highly toxic pesticides, or open burning of straw, leaves and other produce dust pollution, supervision and management departments determined by the local people’s governments at or above the county level shall be ordered to correct, and can be more than five hundred yuan to two thousand yuan fine.

second heavy: detention object: burning straw

The provisions of second

fire protection act sixty-third, in violation of the provisions of the use of fire or in places with fire and explosion danger of smoking, the use of fire, a warning or a fine of five hundred yuan; if the circumstances are serious, at five days detention. September 12th, the Huixian municipal public security department under the administrative detention of 2 straw burning parties.

third heavy: accountable object: Party committees and leading cadres

Henan Provincial Department of agriculture, environmental protection bureau, Public Security Bureau, Agricultural Bureau, bureau of meteorology to form a joint law enforcement group, deep into the township, village, take the dark check unannounced visits.

for the working poor, out of control, the system useless, appear straw burning fire point, not only must be reported to the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department of the provincial cities and counties directly accountable to the local Party committee and government, but also ordered to start the accountability mechanism;

fierce on the fire, resulting in serious deterioration of the loss or air quality, to draw provincial, city and county prosecutors issued a prosecution proposal to start the dereliction of duty, dereliction of duty who are responsible for the judicial process.

fourth: kouqian object: Recommended