a lot of people are now operating a shop, will pay great attention to the image of the store to create, but ignored the shop door. In fact, if used properly, the shop door can also become a store business development big assistant". A business is not busy, I often stand at the door of the shop, looking at the crowd coming and going, guessing their needs in order to improve their business. Thus I found that the door of knowledge is really a lot of:

learn potential business

before the author of the store does not sell eggs, and later found that many people ask, and people who need to cross the road before they can buy eggs. I realized it was a good business. While standing at the door, the author estimates the number of people coming down and their demand for eggs. Then, holding the attitude to try, I entered a basket of eggs. Unexpectedly, only a half day on the sale of an empty. This time, although not much money, but increased the popularity of the store. To visit customers will buy with something else, some of the potential profits by the look in the eyes.

to provide customers with the most convenient

stood in front of the shop, there is a good thing, is the first time to understand the needs of the guests. After the customer into the store, you can immediately take to customers, saving the time between each other. If some guests do not want to get off, you can immediately take to the customer, so that customers feel more attentive service. Please, standing in the doorway, can also be more convenient to give him directions.

, in fact, do not need too busy at the entrance of the shop, giving the most important feeling of kindness. Rain, snow covered a blanket or paper box, the elderly encounter arm 1, a simple action, it can warm the heart.

pull business

stood in front of the shop, guests generally feel very warm, very humane. If running several stores of the same goods are open doors, guests will generally choose the shop door stand.

in addition, standing at the door there is a good thing to see, that is to prevent theft. In particular, the store business is busy, when the hands are not enough, rather than follow the customer, to give people a sense of monitoring them, it is better to stand at the door to play a supervisory role.

is now a lot of shopkeepers to shop when the shop is always standing inside, but ignore the business opportunities at the door. In fact, out of the shop when the leisure business, to the shop doorway, may find a different world. In short, if the shop business, store not to ignore the door.