laptop all day to help us do this, but we did not take good care of them, in the end how to maintain and maintain the laptop, let us look at it!

the correct maintenance and maintenance of notebook computer, can improve the efficiency, prolong the use time, make it for your work and life make more contribution, let us communicate with you about the notebook computer maintenance tips now.

to use wet soft cloth to clean, do not hurt the LCD screen; to adjust the brightness of the screen, get comfortable viewing effect; to adjust power management, to achieve the purpose of saving electricity and prolonging the service life; to perform a disk check regularly, cleaning and defragmentation; to often adjust the battery to extend battery life.

to backup data, to avoid the occurrence of accident fault cause loss of data; to install anti-virus software, and constantly updated; regularly update the Windows, to ensure the stability and security of Windows; in the packaging or transport to unplug all external devices;



1, don’t spill any liquid on your laptop;

2, don’t let the LCD contact unclean;

3, do not touch the CD-ROM lens;

4, do not use in high or low temperature environment (such as high temperature compartment);

5, don’t let the LCD screen front or back under pressure;

6, do not place heavy objects on a laptop computer;

7, don’t put the notebook computer with sharp objects placed together;

8, don’t let the notebook computer to withstand sudden vibration or strong impact;

9, not blocking the notebook computer radiating port;

10, do not repair the notebook computer in the non authorized institutions;


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