is probably because of the success of cases around the envy of people, perhaps because of the national policy of a preferential business issued, in short, there are more and more college students interested in entrepreneurship. And in the morning of December 28th, Renmin University of China released the 2016 college students entrepreneurship report, which is the first report on entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurship practice of college students in the panoramic report.

report shows that nearly 90% of college students in China have entrepreneurial intentions, more than 70% belong to the opportunity entrepreneurial, in order to achieve self-worth. Catering, IT, education and other industries to become the first choice of entrepreneurship.

this report covers 1763 universities in the country’s 434827 college students or college graduates, the status quo, achievements and challenges faced by college students conducted a comprehensive study.

survey results show that 89.8% of college students have considered entrepreneurship, and more than 18.2% of college students have a strong entrepreneurial intentions. In the survey, there are about 120 thousand college students are doing poineering work or have had entrepreneurial experience, accounting for 28% of the total number of students surveyed.

According to the

report, IT, catering, agriculture, transportation, education, culture and other industries to become the main field of entrepreneurship students, and enhance the virtual reality ten industry reality, health management, there are significant future business opportunities.

college students in the end how to choose their own life after the campus, which is the current number of college students need to consider the issue. Is the choice of employment, or choose to start? Almost every student I have a steelyard.

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