public space in the new era has a new direction and significance of development, Ningbo in the development of innovative science and technology industry to open up the public space for the majority of customers to create multiple services.

conform to the new trend of innovation and entrepreneurship network era booming, Ningbo high tech Zone is to create the domestic public record high innovation. Reporter recently learned from the high tech Zone (new material science and technology city) management committee was informed that Ningbo new material space public record has been included in the service system of the national science and technology business incubator management, the future will be specialization, marketization and internationalization oriented, to build a new material production base in R & D, test, incubation and small scale industrialization in one of the.

"public record space to build a new business service platform with low cost, convenient, open, for entrepreneurs to provide work space, network space, social space and resources sharing space." Zhang Nanfen, director of the CMC, said hi tech Zone (new material science and technology city) will create a nuclear multi polar public space development pattern, to promote the rapid development of the region’s new business services.

the "one core" is the Ningbo multi-creation space as the core, the core carrier and ecological network carrying regional innovation and entrepreneurship in emerging industries, the original generation function; "bipolar" is a new material public record space, Internet + public record space professional park as the focus, the formation of personalized and distinctive features the public record space; "multipoint" is the construction of a number of different industry segments of the public record space.

It is reported that by 2017,

, high tech Zone (new material science and technology city) will form a number of well-known and distinctive features of the public record space and other new business incubator platform, the new construction of public record space area of over 100 thousand square meters, a new cluster of College Students, personnel, technical personnel and other overseas entrepreneurs with a dream more than 1500. Hatching new emerging industries of high quality enterprise number more than 200, the new cluster roadshow, financial services, entrepreneurship training and coaching, technology transfer business service organization 100.

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