although the style of each girl’s dress will be different, however, the love of the skirt, almost all the common interests of girls. The skirt is every girl’s dream, not wearing a skirt not good-looking girl, only you will not choose the brand, the following small statistical skirt ten brand rankings, let you know what the best dress, which brand style suits you!

skirt top ten brand NO.1 fairy pocket skirt

advocating love, dream, freedom, and fashion closely linked to the young women’s brand, suitable for 18-30 years old women who pursue fashion sensitivity taste. Street, ladies, alternative, leisure, their wonderful; small series of fairy believe that the pocket to take you to find a beautiful dress to meet all of your perfect plot. Color temperament type, is absolutely necessary in your wardrobe a skirt brand!

skirt ten brands list NO.2 Yin man skirt

green, bearing cotton artist dream romance, mandolin sound, light sweet melody free original. Seiko Mianma, quiet and elegant immersed in stitch and carefully cut. Do not follow the crowd, not noisy not noisy, Dusing heart… Yan man new leisure taste in the high-end apparel, suitable for 20-38 years old female fashion, with natural color collocation with the original design, build, Yi Ran leisurely with the type of dress style!

skirt ten brand list NO.3 princess skirt


a fashion, independent, women as the theme of the trend of fashion brands. Has been focusing on a niche market, do a niche brand, comfortable, casual and generous, fresh and lovely!

skirt top ten brand NO.4 AMII skirt

introverted, bones play, send out a unique free, self-confident, with artistic temperament style, the emphasis is the tailoring, fabric quality, does not recommend too fancy accessories. Advocating minimalist, dress style Xiaobian have to say freely flowing style of writing, such as the texture of the female dress, there must be a!

skirt top ten brand NO.5 Luxlead skirt

this is a more delicate skirt, skirt with slim version, the fabric is soft comfortable, suitable for mature women, located in 25-35, can let you elegant bloom, do a delicate woman, belongs to the intellectual temperament style.

skirt ten brands list N>