women’s stores in the decoration of a wide range of styles, from the shops on the market, shop decoration style can be divided into several categories? If you are not very clear, you can learn about, Xiao Bian provides several styles of reference, I hope to help you. You can make a reference, not to say that we have to follow this style, specific or to combine their own products and other realistic factors.

pastoral style


pastoral style of decoration shop first to have a creative display name to taste. Store design can be used floor style decoration, the shop does not need to be large, so that the small shop decoration on the two floor wear style, wooden material design. In addition, the store can put some flowers at the entrance of the grass, so that more rural sense. At the same time, the store’s clothing style should also change, so that more romantic pastoral style.

cute style

this kind of store fronts mostly fancy decoration, by major children’s favorite, even middle school, high school students are also very fond of this style of decoration. So such a lovely shop to open the style of the great age limit consumption, leisure style for the age is very wide.

this cute shop decoration is most suitable for campus love people. Grasp the popularity of the campus, lovely shop renovation, you will have unexpected gains.

fresh style

if you want to shop by romantic fresh style, it should look at the following proposal. Small fresh, generally reminiscent of Korean clothing. A Korean clothing store, the introduction of the Korean romantic color, with a curved design, and humanized wallpaper leisure area.

followed the fashion mainstream, give a person a kind of fashion, romantic, warm mainstream. Ceiling, flooring, shelves and store advertising coordination, while the color is not messy, giving people a sense of harmony. The use of a comfortable ventilation system, to ensure that customers when shopping, store air circulation, refreshing, to ensure that customers shopping mood pleasure.