special season, the decision of different entrepreneurial projects, for this summer is extremely high temperature, to bring a lot of challenges for the time, a lot of entrepreneurial projects. A summer of entrepreneurial projects, is only in the summer, that is to sell the new trap, do wholesale, retail or stall.

summer flies, it is impossible to avoid. The harm of flies, most people are very clear, then, how do we do? Method 1, with a fly swatter. Method 2, sticky fly stick: effect can also sometimes. Method 3, with the hand: every shot a let you full of sense of accomplishment.

following the introduction of a new trap for you, if you don’t find in the summer, entrepreneurial projects can pay close attention to Oh Oh, he, as the wholesale, retail, should be very good, because of the effect of a will have been verified, catching function greatly:

the trap style is very simple, but the effect is really good. A will buy a back, loaded into the kitchen after a long time did not see the flies come in, thought it was a lie, readily put it on the door of the washing machine. The results in the evening, I can not help but scared, into the inside of at least dozens of flies into.

but still use the cage up, until today, it has a lot of flies. However, the Arab League will always feel strange: why do not fly along the small hole inside the cage to run it? There’s nothing to eat or drink? If you see this product, I believe you will have the same doubts.

trap official introduction: This product after 4 years of development and innovation, nontoxic easily fly has applied for national patent


1. Product Overview: fly trap is efficient and environmentally friendly products. He needs no energy, no chemical poison, no pollution, pollution-free, it will come to the traditional chemical flies to bring a green revolution. The product has been national patent.

two. Various parts of the product name: (1) (2) net framework (3) within the network (4) bait tray

three. The working principle is based on the fly trap: vision, sense of smell. According to the design principle of optics, a bait basin, in the basin into the bait, it introduced the temptation to climb by the fly habits, decided it will quickly fly (climb) to the trapping zone, through the network trap area put it into the capture area of storage space, so that it cannot fly out, in order to capture the objective.

four. Selection and replacement of the bait: the bait is the key, so the size of the trap might suggest: 1, choose fish, fish, shrimp, fish, sweets such as Cang >