O2O industry is seen as one of the most popular entrepreneurial field. With the development of the Internet, more and more traditional enterprises to integrate into them, will be a number of online services to move online, open up new channels of profit but also to facilitate the masses.

"life", more than a year of exploration through self recovery teams and logistics system, to provide periodic recovery and service life, has attracted more than 20 users in Beijing, Shanghai, Japan amounted to more than 1 single single.

2015 in July, "city mine first" Grammy (002340.SZ) launched the first national comprehensive recycling Internet platform "recycling brother", to become the country’s largest supplier of waste waste. "Focus on waste recycling, recycling brother" in Jingmen, Wuhan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou 4 city more than 3 thousand. The recovery of personnel, its recycling volume has exceeded 300 tons.

"money" is more concerned about the recycling industry itself, in addition to providing convenient waste on-site service for more than 10000 users already, also want to improve the employment environment for practitioners, for social welfare, and ultimately improve the efficiency of recycling industry, making the industry standardization.

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