Fujian, an employee with work-related injuries caused by the body 99% burns, the company repeatedly in arrears of medical expenses, the person in charge of the family members have been asked to ask for mercy, in exchange for the death of their families to pay compensation.

from Yunnan mountains in Yiliang County 38 year old Yuan Longhua had the ball mode in Fujian Quanzhou Zhongquan glaze Co. ltd.. The morning of August 1, 2015 9 pm, about 13 hours of continuous Yuan Longhua accidentally fell into the hot plasma pool, causing burns up to 99%. The rescue in the ICU ward after 2 months, Yuan Longhua finally saved a life. His family said, since October 8th last year, the company has repeatedly Zhongquan glazing treatment delays the payment of fees, even hinted that they give up the treatment to death after compensation.

"survived, survived and Yuan Longhua has been longing for death race, but their brains can Zhongquan glaze company mobilization we let him euthanasia, directly into the death compensation program." In January 15th, Yuan Longhua’s younger brother Yuan Longyun through the Internet for help, hope Zhongquan glaze companies not from ruin. Yuan Longyun sent a message to record reporters show head Zhongquan glaze company surnamed Chen’s persuasion: "we are of the opinion that the families with the hospital said to give up treatment, after the death of Zhu Gong (refer to your fellow Xiangqun should be" workers ") injury compensation." Yuan Longyun said: "the meaning is to give him euthanasia, no treatment?" The other party no response.

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