do you believe that as long as thirty thousand yuan you can open a fast food shop? Yes, this is the truth, as long as you choose to join the Chinese noodles congee fast food restaurant, this is the truth.

How much is the price of

Chinese noodles congee? Now we only need thirty thousand yuan to join the Chinese noodles. Porridge can be very good to moist curing effect on human stomach, so choose porridge became the choice of many consumers, but also more and more bright future of this industry, become very wide. Now join the Chinese side of the sweet porridge, easy to operate low risk earnings, laugh every day wake up.

How much is the price of

Chinese noodles congee restaurant?

Inner Mongolia China sweet noodles restaurant chain enterprise was founded in 2002, is the leading brand of Inner Mongolia fast food industry, but also has the characteristics of the north fast food chain enterprises. Hua Hong noodles adhere to the road of development of the group, with its own sweet noodles porridge, home and tofu square, Chaoyang Hotel three brands, and gradually grow into catering, accommodation and other main business of the group of companies. Up to now, 28 chain stores in Hohhot, Baotou city and highway service area, with a staff of 1000, with a modern central kitchen and office space. Incense porridge in good faith and pragmatic, cooperation and win-win principle, steadily promote the chain business development, has become one of the fastest growing chain brand in Inner Mongolia fast food industry, and gradually grow into a competitive large-scale catering enterprises.

Chinese noodles to join the excellent food and beverage brands and excellent physical assets as the basis. The management mode and the modern enterprise’s operation idea of joining the western style fast food in Hohhot. Scientific decision-making mechanism and good incentive mechanism. Mature chain development experience and investment management experience. So that the management headquarters with investment, mechanism, management, brand, talent, technology, equipment, such as eight major advantages. Occupy the highest point of competition.

if you are interested in joining the Chinese fast food restaurant, please leave a message below our website, we will arrange staff to contact you when you see the message.