talk about the degree of familiarity with the product, customers can hardly match the owner. Therefore, when there is a demand for shopping, shopkeepers often need to become the customer’s staff. However, only do this staff, will be recognized by customers, will make the business even more popular. No, my own experience is all about it. Speaking of my customers fat aunt, the first time to the supermarket shopping left me a deep impression.

that time, she opened the shop, go straight to the food area, take 80 grams of 50 independent packing Nestle wafers, 1.5 yuan 1, a total of 120 yuan. She is busy with business checkout, I did not ask, just in the heart of a "exclamation point": the customer time to buy so much Nestle wafers!

second times, fat aunt once again came to the supermarket, I recognized her at a glance, warmly greeted her. Fat aunt Shumenshulu, go directly to the Nestle wafer, grabbed the cookies to the shopping basket.

then, I quickly stepped forward to say: "aunt, if you need a large number of wafers, buy a box of twenty would cost more."

fat aunt helped the myopia glasses, and came together to look carefully after, happy to say: really is a single weight equal, 20 boxes a box of 24 yuan, an average of $1, I bought 80 can save $24!"

fat aunt bought four boxes of Nestle wafers. She smiled and said, "young man, you are my good staff, thank you!"

"don’t thank me, this is what I should do." I said shyly.

later, fat aunt bursts to our supermarket shopping, in addition to the purchase of a large number of the Nestle wafers, the other to eat goods from our supermarket to buy, the price is no exception.

in fact, if you do not remind the owner, he can earn a higher profit, however, I am afraid it can not cultivate more loyal customers. In fact, we do business to stand in the point of view of the customer, a customer staff. Sometimes we make less profit, but we will have more loyal customers.