October is almost over, but the eleven major well-known holiday hotel to earn a pocket full of gold but still people only think of themselves as the acme of perfection, but also immediately joined the hotel business, own brand chain in the country to open. But do you know the hotel brand is important, but the choice is really the key to profitability.

Heng 8 Fasthotel teach you how to choose the right address

what kind of address, which can help lots of hotel chain wide popularity? And according to our survey found that the choice of shops, can be accounted for more than 50% of the success of the operation, should not be overlooked. The first small tips of sites of different industries is different, but the principle is the same: looking for a place to target customers in the cluster.

is there a good geographical environment around the Fasthotel? Today, consumers not only concern about the delicacy of taste, the dining environment requirements are high, so we must consider from the perspective of the customer site, the customer will from this shop, the shop location is appropriate, the store environment exactly, and the traffic is not convenient store location, is one of important factors to influence customer flow.

ready to open the Fasthotel friends, everyone’s ability to invest and budget, the site must also note that the price: different lots, surrounding environment, traffic conditions, shop rent gap, investors should fully consider the shop price, the presence of Commercial Plaza franchisee, in addition to considering the rental price outside, more attention should be paid to the mall management and business model, more importantly these shops around the target customers more intensive better, and have strong consumption ability.

franchisees want long-term development to go down, must be careful to go to the site, you can also use our analysis method for the location of these, but finally Xiaobian want to say is that the hotel chain location when there are a lot of details must be careful about this knowledge, it can take a lot of little detours, if is the location of problems welcome constant 8 hotel chain franchise headquarters, we will give you a professional and comprehensive consideration, help you succeed shop.