in the eyes of many people, can go out to play, you can let your mood to relax, so that more people will pay attention to the overall strength of the enterprise, while winning recognition. And you can feel the special activities, let people have a feeling of human, a rickshaw, listening to storytelling, building products exhibition of Yanzi shopping streets…… Reporters from the Chongqing Liangjiang International Film City was informed that the Spring Festival Golden Week Liangjiang International Film City received a total of 1 million 60 thousand tourists, feel prosperous in taste.

in Liangjiang International Film City, visitors interested in "Monument for Liberation", "Chaotianmen dock", "Duyou Street" and "Cang Bai Lu, taking pictures, watching folk performances, do sugar knife, in the Spring Festival to experience a taste of old Chongqing. With friends to play Ms. Yang said, some time ago heard of film and television city street news, while the Spring Festival holiday to see, "my circle of friends are photos brush movie burst, play today feels like back to the past, really super fun ah!"

"every day is full, the movie became a good place for the spring festival." Deputy general manager of Chongqing Ze Sheng Cultural Tourism Development Co., Ceng Peng introduced since the Liangjiang International Film City Street "quickly rose pink ‘, in order to ensure every visitor can enjoy themselves, visitors are advised to avoid the holiday travel peak."

it is understood that the year thirty to six at the beginning of the month, Liangjiang International Film City a total of 1 million 60 thousand tourists trips, 320 thousand trips. The first day of the first month reached a peak of 240 thousand passengers.

Liangjiang International Film City special deployed more than 300 security personnel, more than 80 cleaning staff. In the meantime, the film and Television City staff, property management adhere to the duty and patrol every day to take measures to ease the flow, flow and other measures to ensure the normal operation of the scenic area during the spring festival.

people can feel the strong flavor in Liangjiang International Film City, the most suitable go out activities can enhance the whole family, old and young, and his family’s feelings, and let them have a sense of the extraordinary new year. Hold the style performances, lion championship, spring, spring lantern riddles, son of East Sichuan marriage wedding series parade, enrich the public during the Spring Festival tour content.

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