In fact, the rural

shop is the most simple, the migrant workers are now back home shop can accumulate a lot of good entrepreneurial experience. Look at how they have successfully set up shop.

A, let the customer rest

in the store dedicated to vacate an empty place, put a few tables and stools, free supply of boiling water, let the pedestrians in the store have a rest and drink slobber, so virtually enhance the communication with customers, so that customers feel good service, sincere, conveniently buy take a few pieces of goods.

two, free

if you have a snack bar and a fruit shop, we should pay more attention to the taste of the skills, also you have to pay attention to where you are big enough to accommodate more people.

> four, the village of

send some small things to customers, such as convenient bags, toilet paper, lighters, sewing, although modest, but very practical, and can cater to the customers, to attract customers to patronize. If you use the scale, then the weight is very high, and allows customers to see your benefits, so the next time he would like to come back to buy!

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