women are born Shopaholic, always have a lot of interest in the choice of clothing, women’s clothing store, first of all to choose a good source of goods, so as to allow you to better business, faster get rich. So, for women’s clothing store operators, we must master a variety of purchase channels, in order to ensure that they can find a good supply of cheap and good. Today, Xiaobian for you to recommend four kinds of women’s purchase channels, so that your women’s clothing store business is hot every day!


for what goods are selling goods, in addition to the store itself can be concluded from the sales situation, the key is to consider the flow of goods, the overall consideration of the supply of products, etc.. Because consumer tastes change faster and more diverse.

1, the purchase of new products, can not be a large number of blind purchase, the new product may be selling goods, it may not be. Should first buy a little less, after the test, do not take up a lot of money.

2, the popular commodity, should take full account of the popular time, so as to grasp the number of accurate.

rely on information to purchase

merchants purchase, without market information, accurate market information, you can make the right decision. If the information is not reliable, it will result in loss of business. Market information comes from market research. The main methods are as follows:

1, to visit, can choose a number of representative residents, as a long-term contact.

2, the establishment of manuals, sales, procurement and the relevant personnel, on a daily basis with the customer contact, be aware of the consumer goods to reflect the views of record, accumulate, often insist, then the industry views, finishing system, reflect to the relevant departments.

3, a stock registration, the need for consumers and the group and no goods to be registered. The registration project is the name, price, specifications, color, quantity, need time, as one of the daily summary, according to the purchase and to goods.

4, the establishment of customer opinion, customer opinion book is an important way to communicate with customers. At the end of the day, the head of the cabinet should check the customer’s opinion book, find and grasp some tendentious problems, improve the purchasing management level.

women’s market is so hot, if you want to start it, choose this industry is really very good, good products can bring good business, so in the choice of goods, must be careful, only seriously, to choose the good products to meet market demand, so you recommend