Wang Laoji, we are not unfamiliar, is the beverage industry giant, is the boss of the beverage industry, much consumer attention and praise, won the reputation of. But Wang Laoji’s success is not easy, has its own unique skill!

from zero to one hundred million, Wang Laoji has gone through nearly a hundred years, from one hundred million to five billion, Wang Laoji spent more than five years, and from five billion to 10 billion is only a short period of time more than a year, according to the conventional one hundred million to five billion in five years is not easy, but just one year increased from 5 billion to billion, this breakthrough is unimaginable in the beverage industry, but Wang Laoji has done.

when many marketing people attributed the success to Wang Laoji’s success, the success of marketing positioning, personally feel that what shortcomings still owe, because a lot of marketing success factors, the success of Wang Laoji’s core also seems to be more obscure. When we return to the origin of marketing to re comb the operation of Wang Laoji’s trajectory, we were surprised to find that the success of the two words can be summed up in the strategy of the word – "know" and "believe" and "trust" and "trust" and "trust" and "trust" and "trust" and "trust" and "trust" and "trust" and "trust" and "trust"".

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2008 Wenchuan earthquake, late on May 18th, CCTV telecast hall held the "devotion of love -2008 relief fundraising party" a total of more than 1 billion 500 million yuan of financing. Among them, canned Wang Laoji to one hundred million yuan of the highest contribution to the national single shake the hearts of the people, the donation sounded the clarion call to build a letter to the horn of the Wang Laoji.

know that visibility can also be extended to brand awareness. In Chinese not well-known products difficult to sell, and have a good reputation of the products are sold well, unless your product is really too bad.