what is the industry’s most fire is not everyone can get rich, to know a profitable project has long been a lot of friends are doing, and do early friends have accumulated a lot of successful experience. First of all, even if the most special features of the fire snacks you do, you may not be able to make money. Or that sentence clear ideas, implementation in place, any industry is the most appropriate strategy to make money.
here the whole network Xiaobian recommended for your several projects of the fire:

food and beverage industry: around the special snack, you can go to the whole network on various characteristics of the snack items.

adult industry: in accordance with the traditional Chinese thinking, the industry in the online shop will be more fire than the store. But the premise is the need for product quality clearance, coupled with reasonable and effective network promotion effect.

female industry: all kinds of cosmetics, beauty salon franchise chain. You can find a good business in the whole network inside to join.

children’s industry: children eat, wear, play, learning and other projects can help you get rich.