Changchun in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship work, pay close attention to all the people, therefore, women’s employment and entrepreneurship service station was set up in 333 communities in the city, give full play to the "half the sky" power, which provide a better platform for the majority of female entrepreneurs.

8, the city’s women’s action to promote entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference held in Changchun International Conference center. The reporter learned that, in the past few years, our city based guidance in the original Changchun city women’s employment and entrepreneurship center service platform, in 15 counties (city) District, development zone established women’s employment service center, women’s employment service station has been set up in 333 communities.

women now have the knowledge more polite for the cause is increasingly valued, "superwoman" more and more, implementing the policy of innovation and entrepreneurship want better, need to improve policies, help women entrepreneurs to venture.



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