many people like to drink milk tea, taste good, but also to bring people a good mood. Some entrepreneurs seize the opportunity to open their own tea shop. As everyone knows, to open a tea shop, you must first choose a good location, then the tea shop how to location more money?

community entrance

is now a large community has gradually improved to become a separate social life area, a variety of functions is very complete, like the Internet cafes below, the supermarket business has always been very fire. Choose the community population density, good position of commercial and civil building door open a unique, advanced mode of operation of the tea shop, people at leisure will frequently benefit CD, are generally good.

bustling commercial street

the bustling commercial street traffic particularly large, centralized source of customers, as long as the store of tea with good quality, good service, leisure time is very happy to narrow customers patronize, people shopping tired can rest to the store, then point with a delicious tea, operation after a period of time, the old customers will frequently at the same time to attract more customers.

campus around

is a large group of students, but also the main force of tea consumers, around the school to open a tea shop, not only to have a vast customer base, but also makes the store’s business will naturally good, of course this is tea with good taste and characteristics on the basis of.


above is give a few good sites recommend, if you find suitable? In order to open tea shop, in addition to find a good project, at the same time, the choice of shops is also very important. If you want to set up their own business, it is ready in advance, I hope everyone can be successful.