first_imgWrong in the changes. Simeone was not fine in the substitutions. It gave entrance to Vitolo and removed Marcos Llorente at the break when he had been the best of the media in the first part. Saul did not give a good pass and Thomas It had neither tempo nor rhythm nor did it succeed in delivery. The two deserved more to be replaced, although perhaps the Cholo removed Llorente to prevent me from seeing a card that carried him derby suspension of Bernabéu next Saturday. He also removed Correa and put Herrera (the Mexican despaired the mattress fans because of how bad he threw the corner kicks) when the Argentine was the only offensive dagger. And he took Saponjic when there were a few minutes left, when he had to take twenty minutes before the need to put centers in the area looking for victory.No alternation in the game. The direct football you It has worked for Simeone in all his successful and successful stage, but he has not only played long pitch and look for the second play, also has given other alternatives, less this campaign what It has no plan B, in addition to not being so successful in taking the rejection and not reaching the rival area in the counterattacks with Very few troops. It has a template to perform alternation in the game and handle several systems and several tactical plans, but only have one and it seems not wanting to make other plans and equip their players with weapons to attack more and better. The draw against Leganés knew defeat in the Wanda Metropolitano. The cholista pizza choked at noon and Aguirre fit him better the cucumber pizza The Athletic he made a very bad first time before him Leganés He gave the ball to the team cucumber and made an intensive retreat looking to steal the ball and throw the ball to Morata. Looking for a tactical explanation why most first parts what Atlético de Simeone does this season they have been horrible it could be concluded that the Argentine coach only gives an indication to his players: Morata long ball and if he hooks it, we leave our own field. If this play does not occur, there is no plan B, there is no other tactical instruction of the coach as seen when analyzing in detail the first half of the Leganes, as well as all the first 45 minutes in which Atlético has given a Terrible image The first time, Cholo cooked his usual pizza and played with 1-4-4-2 system and in the second half it changed to 1-4-3-3, while Aguirre’s cucumber pizza was 1-5-4-1 perfectly executed in combinatorial football and withdrawal.No pressure. Atlético did not go out to pressure Leganés. Unlike, he fell back in his field and mastery of the ball and Oblak made more stops what Pichu Cuellar In the first half. Why doesn’t Simeone’s Atleti press the opponent in the first parts? That is the question that arises. Don’t press for a physical issue? Is it that the team can not stand more than a quarter of an hour pressing the opponent in the opposite field? Or is it a tactical issue? I mean, that Simeone orders to the team that intensive withdrawal to go to the counterattack and it does not matter if it is in the Metropolitan Wanda before a team with lower resources such as Leganés. The last minutes of the first part pressed three quarters of field and in the second half advanced lines and went out to have the ball and dominate the Leganés. Why didn’t you do it from the beginning?Thinking of defending. The attacks made by Atlético in the first part began in their own field with torn from Morata and Joao Felix that they did not succeed because of the distance they had to travel and to make each war on their own. Just performed well a fast attack in which Correa arrived on the right and arrived at the area on topr Marcos Llorente, Joao Félix and Morata, He finished off and for Cuellar. It seems that Atlético players when they attack are thinking about what to do when they lose the ball to defend, that they do not focus on attack moves and that they are not rehearsed, because many times they don’t know who to pass neither as Make the progression in the game.last_img