The successful development of the New District of Zhoushan has been supported by the government of Hangzhou and Zhejiang, so that people can see the development of Zhoushan’s economy. At the end of March this year, Zhoushan Boeing 737 main project completion and delivery center will be officially started construction. Major projects, the total investment amounted to 6 billion 500 million yuan, will be included in the full range of daily supervision. A project, corresponding to a contact, a leader of the discipline inspection group stationed, a monitoring system, referred to as the "four" of the daily supervision service mechanism, Zhoushan is the innovation of supervision and discipline, to protect one of the many initiatives of new construction.

satisfaction of the masses, derived from the act as a. Many people still remember that the discipline inspection organs in Zhoushan in 2016, the focus of project supervision, investigated and dealt with a typical case.

Dinghai Baiquan Town Government agricultural office staff Zhang Wuyi, is the 329 National Highway Expansion Project (Baiquan section) project construction headquarters members, relevant policies in the processing of key construction projects in the city to carry out, and several staff dinner and public funds to buy cigarettes, food, and "meals" in the name of the relevant economic cooperatives reimbursement, he was eventually sentenced to administrative demerit, and were ordered to return related costs.

Jianghai transport service center, Zhoushan free trade port, the Boeing 737 completion and delivery center…… With the new district to accelerate the development of Zhoushan discipline inspection organs continue to explore new ways of supervision and discipline, to ensure the construction of new district.

to ensure that major decisions and plans to implement the "one center around the district four base" construction, accelerate the introduction of new construction of the "Five Prohibitions" and optimize the environment for the development of "ten prohibitions", carry out the three changes of a split, a total of five water treatment, the new administrative system innovation implementation supervision and inspection. In September 2016, the Zhoushan Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection special inspection group came to the river and river in Putuo District, leakage problem of the sewage on-site inspection, timely rectification; about 1 months after unannounced visits again, two river water quality has been greatly improved, and remove the hat black smelly river "before the end of the year.

services to protect the construction of the New District, as Zhoushan, is the most important task of the year, in strict accordance with the recommendations of the Zhoushan municipal government to implement the instructions of the party at the thirteen plenary session. In 2016, the city discipline inspection group stationed to carry out a total of 212 times to find the effectiveness of supervision and supervision, short board 60, investigation of the risk point of 550, the early nuclear discipline leads 78, filing 27, 22 party and government discipline.

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