if you think WeChat is just a chat tool, then you really are OUT, and may also miss the opportunity to get rich. In fact, one of the WeChat marketing is also very good marketing, before we understand a box lunch boss, greatly improve the lunch sales stories using WeChat marketing, for you today is to use WeChat to sell cake, cake cake shop as easily increase sales achievement.

Houjie there is a pair of cousins, they will not only parents run a 26 year old cake store carry forward is leveraging micro-blog, WeChat, and other new marketing channels, will own the cake to sell monthly over 50 thousand yuan in sales.

lives in Xintang Houjie 80 siblings Wang Ganwen and Wang Wenqing, childhood love do bread and cake. Their parents from 1987 onwards runs a certain brand of cake, childhood parents do "crisp loose sand" and "crisp triangle" of Wang Ganwen and the cake add love, have a dream that one day can have their own baking room, to create a brand of their own.

before the start of the first half of the West Wang Ganwen school, to do the brand bakery for a year and a half of "the apprentice", often at 4 pm to 12 pm to work overtime, sometimes until two or three am, the salary is only 1000 yuan. After more than two years of experience in the accumulation of the king in April this year, finally opened a less than 30 square meters, but belong to their own cake shop, and has its own brand. Do white-collar sister Wang Wenqing in Houjie a large enterprise, in order to support the brother’s career, has resigned from the high paying job at the end of June, join the cake shop.

flagship health brand micro-blog WeChat marketing

in order to save costs, expand the source, Wang Ganwen brothers and sisters using micro-blog, WeChat and other network channels to purchase orders. Six months, Wang Ganwen brothers and sisters cake shop micro-blog fans have more than 1600 people.

in the production of cakes, Wang Ganwen brothers and sisters flagship health card to ensure the quality of the cake. They gave up the usual margarine on the market, and imported the cream with no trans fatty acids.

in addition, they also actively develop new products to attract young consumers. Before the Mid Autumn Festival, a method using Wang Wenqing parents do Chinese moon cake, pastry with practice, create a unique mooncake. In particular, they are the original "sweet fruit milk cream cake", widely praised by customers. With the continuous innovation, the current Wang Ganwen brothers and sisters bakery products have been hundreds of products.

on the wall of the baking room, there is a list of red paper. It is understood that Wang Ganwen brothers and sisters cake shop monthly sales of more than 50 thousand yuan.

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