The western region of the

occupies an important geographical position in China, and the development of the western region has always been concerned by people. The sixteenth session of the Western World Expo, also received the attention of countless people, the Expo to promote cooperation in the west, but also to promote the development of the local economy.

in the sixteenth Western China International Fair, intelligent air conditioning project from Inner Mongolia Wuhai City, California Hotel and Xinjiang Mongolia Chongqing logistics company settled in Sichuan Chengdu Pujiang county. "This business is not only a preferential policy for our Pujiang, the beautiful environment of the region is also an important reason for their choice of Pujiang." Pujiang County Investment Promotion Bureau official said, the project is located in the area of cooperation, although not large, but there are mountains and water, like the industrial town of Europe, is very suitable for high-tech enterprises settled."

it is understood that the project has been incorporated in Pujiang County, Sichuan Debena Zhicheng Industrial Co., Ltd., will invest 3 billion 800 million yuan to build a plant of 12000 square meters, the capillary network technology of intelligent air conditioning production.

of Sichuan province has long-standing cooperation with the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, held the sixteen session of the West will become more cooperative "catalyst". Take part in the Expo of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region vice chairman Liang Tiecheng said that the Inner Mongolia people broad-minded, down-to-earth personality and Sichuan "upright" hit it off. Relying on the Expo platform, Sichuan and Inner Mongolia also continue to deepen cooperation. "We also hope that the Expo platform together bigger and stronger, more domestic and foreign investors to invest in Inner Mongolia to." Liang Tiecheng said.

in recent years, enterprises in the western region investment demand gradually diversified, with the help of the Expo platform, full exchange of information investment and the introduction of the project area, accelerating cooperation.

during the current west west investment conference, western provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps on their respective key industries, investment opportunities and investment environment promotion, the scene signed 116 projects, investment amounting to 130 billion 944 million yuan.

This year’s

West will highlight the "The Belt and Road" theme, the western region ushered in a historic opportunity for development and cooperation. In the view of some guests, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in promoting the implementation of the "The Belt and Road national strategy, but in how to communicate each other, complementary fusion problem is still a lack of communication and docking, the Expo is just a comparison and communication platform, to enable the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) further refinement their strategic positioning.

fully docking negotiations on the basis of the previous, this will promote investment achievements, 12 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps and the domestic and foreign investors signed the investment cooperation projects 1008, a total investment of 787 billion 685 million yuan.