snack many high streets and back lanes, some bustling, but some business is bleak. In order to let the more open the more popular snack bar, but also to master some skills. How to invest and operate a snack bar? The successful development of the snack bar first of all you need a good mentality, but at the same time also have the relevant knowledge, please see the details below!

1, you can engage in the Internet cafes and the surrounding boss engage in cooperation, you give him cheap meals, and then he will give you an Internet cafe to brush your home meal. It also allows you the boy to his throat to yell a few Internet cafes.

2, your business must have a selling point, or delicious, or cheap. You want something good and reasonable. I’m going to congratulate you. You’re going to make a fortune. Discount must be some, learn about the strategy of the big supermarket, special every day. But as soon as you get into my shop, it won’t just be on sale.

3, a good waiter is critical, in twenty-first Century the most important thing is talent. Long can not look good, but the effort on the mouth is not sloppy. You have to give him some money if he wants to eat grass. He has a natural drive. This is not three words can understand, the art of leadership. Do not want to pay for his good point, put feelings, as long as you take him as a person, he will show you the hell on inferno. Respect is bonus. All the way back to your head.

4, the last thing you need to pay attention to is that the dishes must be complete. Open a snack bar, you have some dishes on the menu, all ready. Consumers to eat, see the menu of a dish, after the discovery of this dish, then it is bound to affect the next consumption.