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industry is very popular, is the apparel industry, actually opened a clothing store is not easy to open, no matter where are more trouble, some people think that it is easy to open a clothing store in the town, as long as do simple decoration and simple display on the line, because the people of the town to product requirements is not high, to the shop the grade is not high. In fact, this idea is biased, there is no factual basis. Now consumers are more picky in small towns, in the purchase of clothing, but also to see the shop grade.

how to open a clothing store in town? An elaborate decoration in these markets inside, a light to set off the shop, selling some higher grade, their own OEM clothing, get a bit of high-grade packaging paper bag. Do you think this store can survive in this market?

I think the township clothes also score grades, there are high and low points, like the income of rural residents, have high low. More and more private cars in villages and towns, I feel that all of them can not meet the market. I said a little higher, but slightly higher than those of the low point, style and quality have a more obvious difference, the price is acceptable to the residents of the township, our profit is also small.

also is the township women love competition, they may say their clothes have a sense of pride in a shop to buy a shop, I think want faster pull back, you must store it and others are different, have their own characteristics.

like this case, the shop before the analysis is for reference only, prompted to consider some of the problems can be. I integrated some of the views of users, as follows:

1, how to open a clothing store in town? Decoration is not so good, the key is to locate the goods.

2, the specific situation of each town are different, to be targeted to do a more detailed investigation. For example, the general consumption level survey of the town; the number of the positioning of the target customer groups, the clothing purchase behavior mainly in the county or town, why…… 3, the distance from the county seat is also very critical, too far, then in the town to buy more. On the outskirts of the city, and not the same, some netizens said, get a grade of the clothing store on the outskirts of the city, the business is very hot. Just like a situation now, the rapid economic development of the county, county-level city, prefecture level cities and smaller, a grade of the shop, not only can sell at a garment, and business Huobao, these local upstarts, willing to pay.

4, how to open a clothing store in town? There may be such a consumer psychology, in the town to buy, no matter how good shop decoration, more expensive goods, and ultimately bought in the town, the town is so big, needless to say we all know. To compete, to the county, or city in which to buy, who are recommended