fruit shop if you can open, the profit is natural to make people look forward to endless, however, in the end how to open it has become a matter of many people. So, how to open the fruit shop? Let the master to see what is your weapon, how to open such a shop.


fruit shop how to open? Opposed to the fruit store opened in the downtown area, first of all, the price is too expensive, more suitable for a single product profit margins such as clothing, restaurants, etc.. Secondly, the downtown area is usually used for people to go shopping. When you go shopping, you will buy a pair of clothes and shoes, and you will have a meal to buy a water. The fruit is the daily consumer goods, consumer groups is the main cook uncle aunt, so the shop location should be near the residential area, or a relatively large bus station, if it is first-tier cities, a parking lot near the best. Of course, it is best to avoid competition, if there is a butcher, near the fish shop, is better, the convenience of customers one-stop shopping for food.


fruit shop how to open? Each city fruit wholesale market has different characteristics, it is difficult to generalize. But there are a few common. First, the purchase of people’s choice is very important, fruit perishable, good and bad sometimes very poor. Recruit an honest fly in the wholesale market has done a good choice. Two: the relationship with the supplier, do not be too clear, they want to help you want to get you is very simple thing.

three: if possible, as far as possible to contact the local garden or orchard, wholesale market suppliers to make money, skip this step you can save a lot of money. You can communicate with the garden, to help you do not fertilize the vegetables, you get these dishes, in the organic gimmicks, it is likely that this is your point of competition.

store fruit


fruit shop how to open? Abroad is a special fruit store shelf company, according to the size of the fruit, the degree of easy to rot, whether it can put pressure and color collocation, and many other issues tailored to the shelf. Here is a method, you can try to buy some second-hand foam box, many seafood wholesale markets are not expensive, then according to the different fruit size, shape and color of their cutting, zaipu soft sponge or plastic fake green grass. These are sold on the X treasure. One point is very critical, is the angle of the ladder shelf, not good, then the guests a touch all fall down. Suggest that you can go to the wholesale market to buy a variety of fruits and vegetables to try to put a pendulum, more adjustments, the final determination.


fruit shop how to open? This largely determines your success or failure. Too much to say